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What are people who make Mods called?

  • This may sound like a stupid question...but I really would like to know the people who make Gta 5 car mods what would the job title be I seen cars for sale so if they were working for a company what would the company call them?

  • @MrCool In a company, vehicle modders will be called as: NOTHING. Modding not has major skills useful for companies, only 3D modellers from scratch could have a little chance if they have formal academics education in design, digital arts, concept art, matte painting or related careers to automotive design.

  • @MrCool Content Developers. the people who Rigg 3d models . for vehicles and Peds and Maps , they are called content Developers. or Game Developers.

    3d artists are usually very few in a game development company . they are very skilled and highly sought after. but Content makers Script coders, Programmers , Animation and Motion capture artists. Model animators. there are so many things and fields.

    but as the above person stated. 3d model Rigging is Basically tip of the ice-berg. i would call these people content Developers or 3d model animators.

    cuz 3d models without rigging and Animation is just a static picture.

  • @MetaGTA Thank you very much. So people who save they sell GTA 5 cars for a living is a lie? I don't really think you can make a living for that type of work, however, I do know people who sell this type of work on websites

  • @FoxtrotDelta Thank you very good information! You should write a book I would buy it if content like this was put into it...Do you happen to make cars or models seems like you know a lot about it

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