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Realistic handling mods??

  • Hey.

    I have been using this..


    It has nice handling in many cars, but many new cars also seem to be missing from this, and im not sure if the mod will ever be updated to layesy patch. R is simply adding too many cars.

    Are there any alternatives? Preferrably with really realistic driving and also with realistic deformation. The deformation is not necessary but would be nice addition..


    You can add cars yourself. I simply just copy over a handling for the new DLC and adjust some parameters.

  • @Radagast-75 @Killatomate hasn't updated his mod since the Doomsday heists DLC and we all are crossing our fingers he is still working on it.
    EDIT: I got bad news. Killatomate just replied. Read for yourself:

  • Darn.. I was afraid of something like that.. Besides R is adding too many cars lately anyways. Most of them feel boring and bad looking for me, especially most of the supercars look bad and something, that real car designer would not get to production, not even to proto.

    Im glad most of the cars i love, are those made with downforce, but some Offroad vehicles like kamachi, would be nice for Trevor. Then theres the revolver which i like and some others..

    I have been copying few cars to these new cars and modified the values to get the realistic feel. I guess i just have to continue doing that.

    I just wish GTA would be more open and friendly to mods in general. If the game would be made like Skyrim and Fallout for example, it would be much better on modding side.

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