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The Beast ped model name?

  • Hey guys, I wanted to try a Killmonger ped and decided I wanted to replace the beast ped with it. Playing as Killmonger with the Beast's abilities in Director Mode would be great, but I can't seem to find the beast ped model's whereabouts. Can anyone pinpoint it to me please? Or at least tell me the name of the model. Thanks!

    The Beast model:

    alt text

  • The mask and jacket are here


    The hands are here


    The jeans ("lowr_001_r.ydr" and "lowr_diff_001_f_whi.ytd") and the shoes ("feet_000_u.ydr" and "feet_diff_000_k_uni.ytd" ) are here


  • Thanks @Alex106! That's why I couldn't find it somewhere. It was a player_three customized ped. Too bad the Killmonger ped's not a stream ped. :/

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