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Addon Vehicle Hashes for Map Editor [Resolved myself]

  • Hi me again.

    I'm trying to find ways to get the vehicle has ID's for some of my addon vehicles that I want to add to the vehiclelist.ini for Map Editor so I can add them into a map.
    I have tried using the hash generator in OpenIV using the vehicles model names then putting them in the ini file appropriately. But after saving the file and loading into GTA map editor will no longer open, but when I remove those new lines and the vehiclelist.ini goes back to it's default map editor works again. So I'm not sure what's going on or if there is a specific way to use it. I did test on some of the other vehicles that were in it like the cargobob but openiv gives a different value to whats in the ini file. I tried that hashtool mod but of course that doesn't work cause I'm trying to add addon vehicles.
    Does anyone know of any other mod I could utilize to get the hashes of my addons or is there something simple I've missed.
    In case anyone wonders the modelname and gamename of my vehicles are the exact same for all of them.

    Thanks for any help!

    RESOLVED: I noticed there were a handful of vehicles in the vehiclelist.ini just had their modelname without the =hash next to it so tried just putting the modelname's of my vehicles into the list and voila. Really as simple as that. Don't even need the hashes. At least not in the latest version of mapeditor right now.
    And they show up in the order of the .ini file you put them. So if you put them at the bottom they will be at the bottom of the list in-game.

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