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Please help newbie in creating script.

  • Hi, everybody. I decided to make a mod or script for the single player in GTA 5. But my knowledge is very bad.. so I decided to start small.

    I do not understand a lot, and there are no manuals on the Internet or there, but there are simple examples that do not disclose most of the details of programming scripts.

    Hope you will help me and answer the questions I wrote below.


    1. How do I start an animation when I perform an action from the NativeUI menu? (For example, there is water when you apply it-animation begins)
    2. How to put markers? For example, in the store to put a marker, standing on it you can buy any goods.
    3. How to disable single player missions ?
    4. How to lock the doors of buildings? For example the doors of the stores of ammunition.
    5. How to change the price of weapons?
    6. What is the difference between a script format .Lua, ASI.,DLL file?
    7. How to combine all scripts into one menu?

    P.s: the first part of my scenario will be about needs. The purpose of the script:

    1. Variety of products.
    2. Different prices in different regions of the map.
    3. Ability to buy goods and add them to the inventory of the character
    4. Creation of inventory of the character.
    5. Animation when eating food.

    PS: if you have difficulties reading what I wrote-write and I will correct)

    Thanks in advance to all who can help! I hope you will help!)))

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