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Need Serious Help I feel like i am dumb or something :( FIXED ISSUE IS MOD MANAGER IS BROKEN!

  • Like i have downloaded some mods and non works idk if its the mod manager or it is me doing something wrong :( ?


    my folder for mods


    scripts folder


    PS i dont use all of them and all is from gta 5 Mods i dont use any other sites at all tbh

    the mods is an pack and ya idk what i am doing wrong at all here tried folder for mod manager now i tried non folder didnt work soo i hope someone can help me here :D thx in rly advance :D

  • @sheria asi files doesn't go into scripts folder

  • @Akila_Reigns PS i am not the one that has made this btw xD just like idk i did just like scripthook etc and enchanted native trainer
    and it didnt work at all for some reason nothing wont work with me ;(

  • @Akila_Reigns what is best with mod manager folder or just put everything in there ?

  • @sheria I don't use a mod manager, so I know nothing about them.
    And I said you put the asi files in the wrong place, if those screenshots are from your PC.

  • @Akila_Reigns they are from my pc yas i rly just like to use mod manager bcs ik i wont get banned but idk if the mod manager can cause an issue for the mods to load into the game. i used this mod manager before and worked great O_O

    Scripts Now

    u can say this is the gta v folder tbh and then u got an scripts folder and the program just move those files into the gta v root folder

    just think of the folder as it should look like GTA V Root Folder :D

  • @sheria I was trying to help you, no need to teach me. 😂

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