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Looking for a weapon storage/locker mod.

  • Heya.

    I was previously using characters vehicles mod, which allows storing weapons in trunk, removing all but needed weapon (Pistol) from my character to polausible storage.

    However, that mod does not allow saving original personal vehicles to allow that trunk storage for weapons, so i thought i ask, if you folks know of such, that allows the trunk storage for original Bodhi, Buffalo and Tailgater OR something that add a weapon locker of sort in the safehouse.

    I also tried weapon pickups, which was very good, but the prob was, that i hated the visible guns and i could not tweak them to be hidden.

    I apreciate help of any kind :)

  • Anyone?

  • @Radagast-75
    I believe you are looking for this one : https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/backpack-inventory

  • @iLLo

    Looks that way, but it also looks like it has way too much stuff in it that i dont need. I allready have the bag from character clothes mod which would be only thing i like at times.

    The character vehicle mod with trunk storage would be hreat, if it just aƶllowed me to save my story mode vehicles too. I like to change my default car at times too. Sometimes the original, sometimes something i bought later. Even if i buy a new Bravado Buffalo S from Premium Deluxe motorworks(I have that mod) with another license plate and that vehicle CAN be saved in Franklins large carage, i cant save it. Looks like that mod is tied to certain car model rather than the license number like it should be regarding the default car.

    Any idea of how i could tweak that mod, to allow saving Buffalo S, Bodhi and Tailgater with other license plates?

  • @Radagast-75 Hmm it might be tricky, maybe you could ask the author of this mod if he wants to do it or not on his mod comment section, he's the one who knows his code well enougth to do that.

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