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Gameconfig help!

  • hello i have 12 addon cars and if i add one more my game crash, i tried all the game config in this site but nothing works.....


    You should merge your add-on archives. It's not a gameconfig related problem.

  • @ikt hey I don't mean to hijack a thread but my question is very relevant the OP's post.

    I too have the same problem as cgec29, and I've actually tried to make my own DLC pack. I can spawn a vehicle, but my game crashes if I try to enter it. From lots of research on the forum, ive concluded it has something to do with vehiclelayouts.meta. Ive tried to put that file in the corresponding location of the original dlc, but I cant enter my car and it still crashes.
    Any help is appreciated.

    To the OP: the tutorial I followed to add DLC cars is : https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/222/tutorial-vehicles-weapons-how-to-do-add-on-s-replacer-s

    I really wish there was a video tutorial.

    Let me know if you've gotten it to work!


    @dutchmastermo in cases like that I usually don't incorporate the vehiclelayouts.meta but simply input another vehicle layout in vehicles.meta eg LAYOUT_LOW. There's several to choose from.

    Back to gameconfig.xml talk.

  • @cgec29 I've actually abandoned merging my add ons as of right now, and ive found a temporary gameconfig fix that worked for me, I was getting stuck at 11 cars, now I have 15 and im gonna add more.

    Look for this in your gameconfig:
    <PoolSize value="300"/>

    Change the value to 600.

    I did this yesterday and it worked.

    Let me know if this works for you.

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