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Need help finding certain vehicle's handling.meta

  • Whenever I bring in a new vehicle replacement mod I will usually follow it up with tweaking that vehicle's numbers in the handling.meta (mostly just adjusting ride height down)

    Trouble is I can't find some vehicles in the handling.meta. I know some vehicles have different names in the meta (example: "Tailgater" is actually just "TAILGATE" in the meta) so I know all vehicle names aren't verbatim, but I still can't find the following:

    • Tropos Rallye
    • Hotknife
    • Pigalle

    Any help would be appreciated!

  • The GTAV wiki page vehicles section has that information or use the Native trainer that comes with scripthook. The names of the cars are in the format you're looking for.

  • Would like to know what Pigalle is called as well.

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