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[TUTORIAL] How to insert your own sounds to awc files

    1. Open OpenIV
    2. Locate your gta V music folder
    3. Create folder on your desktop
    4. Choose any sound file you would want to edit, right click and select Export to OpenFormats, and export it into your folder
    5. Open any sound in audacity, and on the name of the track (with that arrow) click split tracks to mono
    6. Delete the second track, and export it to your folder, where the wav files are (must have the same name)
    7. One you're done, drag the oac file into your sound folder you opened before, and then click New ---> Import OpenFormats, and choose the oac file (just to make sure)
    8. Double click the audio file, check every audio.
    9. Play the game
    10. profit

  • Followed all steps, no errors or anything but the files in alarm_klaxon_03.awc are the same as before I did anything

  • When I did it, I did it perfectly fine and replaced it into my mods folder in the correct area and when I play the audio I replaced it's silent. It is Mono

  • i did this but i couldn't get it to do it when i am trying to replace the loading screen music

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