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Grand Theft Auto - HOT PURSUIT [DLC]

  • Hey ! :D

    After lot of work on my project, I will release it next friday with an action trailer on my channel ! ;)
    Trailer will release at the same time as a friend's video who make a LSPDFR special episode with those car !

    There is the outro of the trailer ! So what is this secret car ? :D PLEASE all persons to whom I said, say nothing !! ;)

    I will not say if you have right or no, car will be reveal next week ;)

    alt text

  • Nice design on the graphic! Looking forward to finding out what the secret car is :grin:


    First time I saw the picture I thought was a real GTA Hot Pursuit cover lol xD. <3 Can't wait to see that <3

  • Artwork looks great, cant wait to see the video! :)

  • This looks great haha love that game case

  • Some other tease pic :D
    DLC will be available for 2 weeks in exclusivity on my website, and then on gta5mods, all car have been updated and improved, when I release all, prepare you to be spam if you follow me on the site lol :D

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • From what i see you put a lot of work in it.
    Nice job! :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Nice work !!
    The spelling for 'GRAND' on the side of the CASE is wrong .. its written 'gran'. I hope you notice it.. :)

  • @bdah13 I work on it since some months yes ;)
    @vipinnegi90 Oh yes :o I haven't see, but video is finish so I don't make an other render for a simple D lol ;)

  • I must tell all other users that my police pack, which I finished almost a month ago, is on stand by waiting for this mod to be released. I made simple LAPD police add-on pack with 50 cars for now, similar to my bikes and planes add-on's. Since I respect game68240 and have few of his cars that I want in my pack, I am forced to wait for his release. He deserved to be first.

  • Wow, great job! I really loved the cover.
    Keep going!


    @Game68240 1 day to finish the week, maybe today or tomorrow reveal? :D

  • @Reyser Reveal tomorrow at 19H or 18H (french hour ;) )

  • Pretty sure that secret car is a Peugeot 309 XD
    alt text

  • The trailer come tomorrow at 11h (french hour), cause of a technical problem :/

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