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Infinite Loading Storymode

  • @GL4M0URG1RL Ok, the Dragon Tattoo mod won't work with the latest update (the files that go in x64g) and the driver controls mod looks like it won't work for the latest update either so remove those 2 mods and just try it with the car mod and the realistic lighting.
    The problem is that a lot of the mods available aren't being updated so they will just break your game.

  • yea i see they dont see its for v1.0.1290.2 and sometimes they say then thats a fake news

  • @GL4M0URG1RL I agree, unfortunately when the game updates a lot of things are changed and some of the mods don't get updated so they will just break your game. I would just remove a lot of your mods and then reinstall them one by one. I know it's a long and boring process but it is the only way to discover which mods are working and which ones aren't.

  • yea i see as i first played it was easier but the replacing of dlcpacks takes so much times lol

  • @GL4M0URG1RL Yes it was. At least a lot of mods do work, but you just have to be careful what you install, and read all the comments to see if mods work or not.

  • yes but sometimes last info is 2017 october for a car or a graphic replace

  • do you have a tutorial how i can make a carpack . so i have maybe 3 carpacks instead 30. it put 3 addoncars in dlcpacks and yet it says me err_File_3

  • @GL4M0URG1RL I don't have a tutorial but I did find this from @F7YO
    Have a look at the pinned comment but it doesn't make a lot of sense to me xd

    I will try later this week and see if I can do it.

  • my modsfolder wont work more :o so i can forgot it

  • @GL4M0URG1RL oh that's not good. What's happening to it?

  • i dont know its vanilla only .

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