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[SCRIPT][RELEASED]Traction Control System

  • Here's a little mod I did for myself, and some of you may enjoy: Traction Control System.

    It does basically what it says in the tin; here you can find a short video showing what it can do:

    I started this because I wanted to drive high-torque low-traction muscle cars 'normally' (as in your daily commute) with my keyboard without them sliding all over the place, but it evolved into a full-on mod.

    This mod does NOT cheat (in other words, it does not modify any handling and/or grip characteristics, nor does it modify physics). It almost works like its real-life counterpart: it analyzes forward wheel slip and makes millisecond adjustments to the user's input to compensate. Not to be confused with a full-fledged EPS; steering input will still make the vehicle slide.

    Compatible with everything and anything. Configurable activation key and image.

    It does not engage when in reverse... not sure if it does in real vehicles.

    Known issues:

    • Brake lights are occasionally lit a millisecond at a time when the system engages.
    • The TCS on/off image flickers in menus (e.g., when bringing up the radio selection menu).




    Simple, elegant and useful :)

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