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Radio Toggle On/Off with one button

  • Im currently in search of someone to create a radio toggle mod that will enable me to switch the radion on/off with one button in car and on foot. There are mods that cut the radio off but none to toggle on/off one specific station (Self Radio) PLEASE HELP!!!

  • @Cashrules I believe one already exists that does that :

  • @iLLo thank you. I've tried this one but it doesn't work for me. It doesn't work outside of the car either. I'm looking for something that will make self radio turn on and off with the click of one button. This doesn't seem to do the trick unforntenlty but thank you so much for responding. If anyone you know can create such a mod/script id love to ask them.

  • Anyone?

  • @Cashrules How exactly are you wanting it. Are you wanting it to be so that when you press the hotkey it disables the radio, and when you press it again it goes to a preset radio station (Self Radio)? Or when you press it again it goes to the radio station it was at when you disabled the radio (ex: radio station was Self Radio when disabled radio, Self Radio will be the radio it goes to when press button again)?

  • @Jitnaught Thank you for your response. Yes I would like a hotkey to turn the radio on and off with the same key. Yes I would like it to play the same station (SelfRadio) that was playing when i disabled the radio. Also No radio station symbol popup at the top of the screen showing the station, just have it set to self radio by default (or changeable via .ini)The idea is to have certain music playing during certain moments in my gameplay and i havnt been able to find a radio toggle that actually works properly. In a perfect world I would like to toggle the radio on/off to do scenes like this and much more. Here is what im trying to do more of with the toggle script

  • ...

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Cashrules Self Radio would be a bad option for playing music at certain points (like in that video) since you can't control it as easily and effectively as you can a music player application or by editing the video. A music player application would be a better option, but the best option for making videos like that would be to edit the videos. You can use a free video editing application like KdenLive to edit your videos to add music at certain exact points, but it has many more features than just that.

    If I didn't convince you (or there's another reason you want this mod) then I can indulge you and create it.

  • @Jitnaught I have strongly considered just editing the video in a similar program because I do have the Adobe suite however I have zero desire time or want to extensively edit a video lol the use of the mod for me would be to use it in the way that I did in the video but it can be used to just talk normally as far as the self radio I only said that one because that's the one that they allow you to play custom music on and because I only wanted that one track for now whenever I talk to it on or off it would automatically start from the beginning of the song which is exactly what I want it to do so the scenario is I press a key that turns on the radio and plays the song from the beginning and when it cuts off and cuts back on it starts that song again from the beginning that's why I was thinking to use self radio because the other radio stations are embedded in the game and also have multiple tracks in each station by having only one track and self radio each time it plays it will automatically play that same track from the start or at least I'm assuming lol.

  • @Cashrules Tried to create it. Doesn't seem to work on foot (using Mobile Radio feature of Simple Trainer). I don't know of any other way to get it to work on foot so... I give up. :/

  • @Jitnaught ok i undertsand. Thank you for trying to help me.

  • @Jitnaught quick question is there a way to isolate the self radio on foot taking it from the simple trainer script?

  • @Cashrules Even if I did I don't think it would be controllable.

  • @Jitnaught oh ok cool

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