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Getting _GET_PED_HEAD_BLEND_DATA to work

  • I'm trying to get the head blend data for a custom multiplayer character; so far every attempt has resulted in a crash.

    Since I could find no info around, I'm trying with SET_PED_HEAD_BLEND_DATA parameters. Trying with other parameters resulted in a crash, so this may be on the right track.

    So far this has been the most successful try; it won't crash with non-multiplayer Peds, but will for multiplayer ones:

    Ped ped = Game.Player.Character; int shapeFirstID=0; int shapeSecondID=0;
    int shapeThirdID=0; int skinFirstID=0; int skinSecondID=0;
    int skinThirdID=0; float shapeMix=0; float skinMix=0; float thirdMix=0;
    bool isParent=false;

    Function.Call(Hash._GET_PED_HEAD_BLEND_DATA, ped, shapeFirstID, shapeSecondID,
    shapeThirdID, skinFirstID, skinSecondID,
    skinThirdID, shapeMix, skinMix, thirdMix,

    Any push in the right direction will be most welcome.

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