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[HELP] Converting Forza Motorsport 7 cars

  • Hi, would there be person willing to help me convert car from FM7 ? I need step-by-step guide how to prepare model for converting (by that I mean fully textured car with all materials assigned properly)

  • Hey, i really want to get into gta car modding too, i already have the model converted from fm7, grouped and detached parts in 3ds max. But i have trouble assigning all the materials and textures in zmodeler. I can't find the textures for the lights, someone told me that i need to create them myself? Can someone explain please? Thanks alot.

  • @ArisenRhyme6997 You can check if the car is available in FM4, and use those light textures (or even the object). If that is not an option you need to use the textures that came with the FM7 materials and scale them correctly, perhaps even create your own textures based on the normal map...

    Almost all FM7 light materials (glass, lights, light compartments, etc.) have diffuse and normal textures. You just need to figure out which textures you can use and which you need to modify.

  • This post is deleted!

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