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GTA5 thread allows signs of terror!!!!

  • i dont post the mods name her, i am offended by this. Why do gta5 mod moderators allow signs of terror?
    Its a shame . ... Dont you know what those volks do every day?

    REMOVE THOSE MODS!!!! People stand off aginst these kind of brainwashing .. I will resign from this thread so should all gamers do!!!!!!


    I suppose you mean this mod? I approved it. I see no harm in it.

    Pull the text through some translation service. There's no violence, no call to violence nor promotion of acts of terrorism. You might be confusing some terrorist organizations with a religion.

    It's just another map mod, just with a religious theme. If you don't like something, don't look at it. Nobody's forcing you to use it.

  • The forum rules are very precisly: NO religion, no offence, english language.
    So why are you counteracting aginst your own rules?
    Men masked and sitting in a known symbol of terrorism ..
    i guess thats enough to bann even the autor !
    You must have learned muslim cant be trusted even if they say its nothing to to with terrorism, can one trust?
    Stick to the forum rules .

  • @nieda113
    This is the "religion" rule on the Upload page:

    Any file depicting a political figure or ideology that is, at the complete discretion of the administrator, deemed to be something that will cause unnecessary debates in the comments section

    In regards to the mod you speak of we are following the rule.

    The supposed "no religion" and "english language [only]" rules you speak of are non-existant.
    There is also no forums specific rule regarding "political figure[s] or ideolog[ies]"

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