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My FBI vehicle spawns only in white color

  • Hello, so as the title says my fbi(1) vehicle spawns only in white color. When I spawn it and try to change the color it works but when the vehicle spawns for cops it seems it only spawns in white, which I can't understand why. I've tried with the original model and the moded one for it but both spawn only in white, where fbi2 vehicle spawns in black normally. When I try it without the mods folder it comes back in black again. Could it be due to dispatch.meta maybe? Does anyone have a clue what it could be?

  • Maybe you edited the carcols?

  • @Reacon hmm well it is possible since I did replace some carcols data before. Any suggestion how to fix this? Which carcol data exactly should I look for, and what part in it? It seems I can't find any valuable info about editing the carcols..

  • what did you replace in it? if it isn't an important car you could just replace with the vanilla file

  • I think I was replacing some police vehicle back then which had a replace carcol data with it, I didn't edited it myself I just replaced it, dunno if that could be the problem. I don't know even where to look. A bizzare problem but I don't think its really that difficulty to fix it, but if only I knew where to look :/

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