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I know this has been suggested a lot.....

  • Right, as the title says I am well aware that this has been suggested countlessly but I really do think we need a feature to have a separate profile picture on the forums than on the main site. It would eliminate the syncing issue that is going on and make me very happy so I don't have to have my crappy profile picture I made when I was 8 or 9 years old that makes me cringe every single time I see it. But seriously, please tell the developers of the site to consider making this a possibility. If not this, I want someone if possible to just fix my profile picture. it has been bugging me for two years.


    alt text

  • @Derpy-Canadian 100% agree with you about the profile pic. It really is the one thing that has annoyed me for ages on this site - I mean surely it's not that hard to change your profile pic ;)
    So far the standard answer has been that it is known about but not important in the grand scheme of things, but you know what - it is important to us lol.
    Hopefully this can get sorted asap

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