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Replacing a weapon with prop?

  • Is it possible to change an available weapon model to an available prop model? For instance, an axe into microphone? A grenade into a trash bag? etc?

  • @NotOfTheWorld It doesn't seem like you could normally do it for a weapon entity. I'm not sure about this, but i would trick my way into this, doing the following (pseudo-code in c#) : https://pastebin.com/AXuCH29p

    it might not work, it's messy and not complete, but you get the point. You would then have to give the object to the player, check for when player switches weapon (if it works at all) to unload object and do it again when he switches weapon back.

    Hope it helps, if someone else have something in mind or if it turns out this code won't work (not sure about the CREATE_WEAPON_OBJECT function, the goal is to convert a weapon to an object to apply the create_model_swap, but it might not work on a weapon object ! to be tested/continued...)

  • @NotOfTheWorld Now that i think about it, it may have been possible with going straigth to the game files and just swap properties. May, i'm not sure about this

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