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  • This "man", whose real name's [redacted], from [redacted], Brazil, who published the following announcement:

    Hi everyone .. I wanted to ask you that you have social networks share my videos with your friends subscribe to my channel I will always bring news to people who join my channel and you will always have access to exclusive models that you will only find on my channel I will be letting the download in the description of the video help my channel to grow that I will always bring news to you without charging anything only people who help my channel to grow sharing with your friends in social networks and those who are subscribe to my channel be sure to turn on the bell

    He's a real liar, hypocrite, he uses people for his own benefit. To whom, based on your proposal, I have upload 20 of his jobs in:

    VK Comunnity: GTA V Mods - Модификации GTA V https://vk.com/public163093854 (New channel for him)

    Reddit Community: OurGTAMods: https://www.reddit.com/r/OurGTAmods/ (New channel for him)

    Facebook: GTAMods: https://www.facebook.com/GTAMods-217785105441960/ (New channel for him)

    And my owns channels in:

    Tumbrl: https://www.tumblr.com/dashboard

    Imgurl: https://imgur.com/

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/

    When I asked him, according to his promises, sone peds to install in my GTA 8, he never answered.

    Since several days ago.

    Please be very careful with "this man" who shamelessly lies in all his promises

    He already had problems with Alex189 that forbade him from using his creations, because he had not his permission.

    Now, this Mr. Vieira, of whom I've all his messages on Facebook, spoke shit about Mr. Alex 189, speaks excellent of his person. Total hypocrite.

    David Nathaniel Katzenbach

  • @DavidNK
    What is he lying about exactly?
    I've edited your post to remove the name and city. Just because you're okay with your name being out there doesn't mean he is.

  • @DavidNK This looks more like an advertisement for your social media accounts than anything else!

  • Are you kidding me?

    This "man" promisse here:


    to give a way peds who help him with his jobs?

    What you mean with my social network?

    Those are the the proofs of my work, and the lie in the fulfillment of his proposal.

    Are you blind or don't undestand some too much simple?

  • @DavidNK So you're saying that he stated that if you subscribed to his channel he would put links to his mods in the description? And apparently he's not doing that? Am I understanding this correctly?

    If I am understanding this correctly then... why do you care? What's the point?


    I think INSANOGAMES is trying to profit from making textures for these models.

    Well, basing your business on some other business is not illegal and if people want to pay for the skins he makes for the models alex189 makes, fine. As long as files uploaded to GTA5-Mods.com are not paywalled in any form and he doesn't redistribute files he doesn't have permission for.

    If Alex has any issues, he can report or contact the site.

  • @Jitnaught Yes. At last you understand. He's a disgraceful liar.

  • This is ridiculous.

  • @ikt hahahaha You're right Ikt. I have followed this "dramatic soup opera" closely.

    1. INSANOGAMES started making textures for the models without permission, then Alex189 had his first problems with the real owners of the 3D models. This is why he had to unpublished the mods for sometime.

    2. DavidNK is always trying to persuading INSANOGAMES to do what he wants. At first he tried with me but I just ignored him.

    3. Alex189 already had problems with both because of modifying heavily the models without any sort of permission.

    4. Now modders are ripping the 3d assets of Alex189 models to dress the MP characters "also without permission" to upload them here. You can see one of the newest mod of "hairstyles for MP female" on here. I warned the guy not to do it because of copyrights infringements but he ignored me.


    Thnx @dionys19 if you spot something incorrect on the mods pages please use the report button. It helps us out greatly.

  • @ReNNie Don't worry Rennie:smiley: If I see something illegal I will report.

  • And now he's going and redoing superheros apparently. He just published a reskin of The Avengers & Ultron Hulk by @TheMadBreaker. He doesn't even link to that skin properly--and notice he does have a patreon page and didn't link to that correctly either.

    What pisses me off about this guy is that while I admit I have enjoyed a reskin from him, he's started "advertising his Patreon page". He has 0 members.

    Why? Because the guy has the unethical audacity to charge per reskin at triple of what memberships cost for monthly modder's patreon pages. He's not creating anything except reskinning. Sure its a 'talent' but its also off the backs of other people's hard work--and then insults it further by not giving them credit.

  • @vendetta1969 He has been trying to profit from others people work.

    The thing is, people download his work every time he post his mods but just a few upvotes or comments on it.

    I don't like to talk bad about others but I believe he is more an "attention seeker" and/or money seeker than a real talented modder.


    People are allowed to link to their Patreons, as long as the content they post isn't exclusive to Patreon (for example, just making a thing that links to something where access is restricted, is not allowed).

  • @ikt yeah but what I meant was, click onto his patreon link--he has %20%20 infront of his name so it is actually a broken link.

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