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Location of shamal files

  • Hey lads,

    Where can I find the handling.meta and vehicles.meta for the shamal airplane? I have changed the texture in patchday2ng, which works in-game, but changing the numbers in either update.rpf/common/data and the respective in GTAV/x64e/ does not do anything. Is there any other location for those files?


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    afaik the 'handing.meta' & 'vehicles.meta' files in update.rpf should be selected by the game over any other location by default.

    You could search all the handling & vehicles files to see if any others contain 'shamal'.

    Example (handling.meta):

    In OpenIV
    Ctrl+F3 (or 'Tools' tab > 'Search')
    Search for 'handling.meta'
    Once the search completes select the little downward arrow right of the 'Extract results' box (under the 'Search' button) & select 'Extract all files'.
    Dump all the files to a folder somewhere & then use a search program (Agent Ransack etc) to search the contents of the files for 'shamal'

    I just did this just now & only found 2 'handling.meta' files that contain 'shamal' out of a total of 56 'handling.meta' files. If you find more files than that containing 'shamal' then that might be a clue to what is actually going on. If you do find more than 2 references then finding out where that file resides is a bit trickier. I think you will just have to extract & search each file individually (so you know where it came from. You'll see what I mean when you dump the files. There's no easy way to tell where they came from).

    Tip: Create a duplicate folder structure in windows explorer of real files that mirrors the ones installed in the game. You can then search inside of files while knowing where they reside. :thumbsup:


    Make sure that the 'vehicles.meta' entries for the shamal are referencing the shamal handling id


    as obviously if the 'vehicles.meta' references a different handling id then any changes you make to the shamal one won't make any difference in game.

    Also, be aware that if you are taking the handling from one plane & giving it to another you won't necessarily get the same handling from the second plane. Each default vanilla vehicle in GTA V has it's own characteristics that will alter the handling slightly even though the entries are identical in their respective 'handling.meta' files.
    A good way to see if you have the right handling for planes would be to change:

    <fThrustVectoring value="0.000000" />


    <fThrustVectoring value="0.500000" />

    this will effectively make you plane VTOL so you'll notice the change in handling straight away :thumbsup:

    Let us know how you get on.


    shamal's handling is definitely in update.rpf

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