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How to set what kind of model and texture does a dropped weapon use?

  • Hi, I'm kind of in a pinch and I would like to ask the fellow netizens on this site for help. Recently I downloaded a weapon mod, that contained two files, heavypistol.ytd and heavypistol_hi.yrd. I added them into a mod through openIV, and the models work flawlessly when in the character's hand. The problem is that when I want to buy the weapon in ammunation or when it's lying on the ground, the weapon reverts back to it's previous model, and is missing a texture.

    After I created a copies of the files named heavypistol.yrd and heavypistol+hi.ytd and added them into the main mod file, the models in ammunation became what they should be, but in turn, the weapon got turned 90 degrees in the characters hand.

    I need to set the mod up to ensure that both the shop and the character model use heavypistol.ytd and heavypistol_hi.yrd, instead of using one set of models for dropped weapons and ammunation shop, and the other for character models.

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