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Social Club resets the activation process after I tried to fix a car mod

  • When i try to start gta now after clicking offline mode, the Game doesn't open like it used to. It just gives me some splash screen saying i need an Internet connection to activate gta (which I've already done a long time ago). I currently don't have Internet on my pc, so this is obviously a huge pain

  • @10dthompson60 That's exactly the problem I had. You used to be able to pick offline mode and then only need to connect once in a while for activation. Now it seems they have done all sorts of messing about to make staying offline a pain in the backside.

    I found it would generate errors, tell me my account had been locked due to too many failed logins etc... and it's probably done deliberately to force you back into online mode, so they can try and sell you things while the game loads.

  • @10dthompson60 the way I found around this if you dont have internet is to turn back your clock to the day it last worked or the day before and keep doing that every day til u get internet back and can activate gta online again. Once u lose internet and are forced to play offline u can only play offline for 72 hrs before having to activate again unless u turn back the clock on your pc!

  • Sadly, I tried turning back the clock on the pc. It still tells me i need to activate it. This is such horse shit.

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