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Idea for a basic script mod

  • Hi. Could someone please make a mod that allows airplanes wings to fall off by button. I would be very thankful and I'm sure it would get many downloads @drp4lyf I think you could do this

  • @AUSSIE_LAD_96 Hello, i tried achieving what you requested, but it seems like the wings are directly connected to the status of the plane, meaning it isn't as simple as breaking car windows.

    A possible trick, in my opinion, would be to add planes without wings to the game, make your player invincible, crash the plane he is in, then spawn the added wingless plane while making the character sit to the same seat into the added plane at the current player's plane position.

    Seems a bit complicated, maybe there is another way but i wasn't able to figure it out unfortunatly.

  • Ok no worries. I did have another idea for a car bomb like gta online by detonator

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