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game crashes in specific situations

  • Hi there, and thank you for taking the time to read this
    I realized that my game crashes extremely often when I change character to michael or Franklin, and almost only in that case, especially if one of them is in his car (replaced).
    I have no crashes using their car as long as I don't change character, and this doesn' t happen when I change to Trevor, whose default car is also replaced.
    I have only have something like a dozen replacer and a dozen add-ons, last gameconfig for unlimited add-ons.
    These crashes make me sick, I ll give all my everlasting gratefullness plus20 euros to the one who has a fix for that...

    Thank you all

    last game version and scripthook
    i7 7700k
    gtx1080ti gaming x
    32 gb ddr4

  • ok, well problem solved;
    I have a "scripts"folder in my gtav root directory and one that I called "Vscripts", to be able to remove or reinstall scripts faster.
    That was a bad Idea, my "Scripts" folder was empty, so no scripts were functional, but I had some in my "VScripts" folder,, and that was giving me these crashes.
    once "VScripts" folder empty, and scripts back in "Scripts" folder, no more crashes changing character and all scripts working fine.

    Sorry for my stupidity and this almost useless topic

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