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Gta5mods dead?

  • To be honest, I haven’t seen many I catching mods lately, and the site seems to be less active as usual, might be just me but all the mods I see nowadays compared to a couple months ago, are just poorly done textures slapped onto ingame models, maybe the hype for 5mods is gone, or people moved onto greater things

  • From the last time I heard, traffic to the website is still normal if not slightly increasing. I wouldn't know if mod creators have moved on or not though. I have noticed that there have been fewer new scripts being uploaded (as that's the only category I regularly browse).

  • I know how to hype this site up quite a bit hmu hear me out fr

  • @messi3194 Just release all those mods you been teasing us with bro. You gotta kickstart things by releasing some stuff in the Streetwear thread, forget about making money for now cause I reckon it ain't gonna happen with GTA mods. If you wanna make some bread release stuff for Second life, Sims etc. Or make a pack like @4nghghghg made and release that for a small donation ;) I'm sure if it's good enough people will buy it off ya.
    I'd buy some of your stuff fosho if you make a pack :)

  • @messi3194 The amount of new mods decreasing is just natural. The possibilities are not endless and once most things which at least are slightly interesting are done, there's not much left.
    Of course I can only speak for myself when I say that GTA V has become boring even with all those mods. Once you know each and every backyard, remote place and even roof top on the map, it's more and more "been there, done that". In the end I found myself just sitting on a bench (https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/sitting-mod), watching the traffic and listening to the NPCs talking. Personally I am more involved in No man's sky currently.

  • The answer is simple: the community keeps creating mods, but the number of mods never seen before is very small. Poor innovation = less interest.

    In tastes, GTA V is like a sandbox favorite to emulate real stuff (vehicles, weapons, ambient enhancements, clothes, props, etc), but that ends in a boring experience when always appears models from other games, models from real stuff and a ordinary city.
    Is like a member said years ago: "Modding is boring when your game gets the behavior of your real life".

    Personally, I think GTA V has a huge potential for modifications and gameplay (mainly limited by graphics FX not so easy to create new and unavaible custom animations), but people interested in explore this potential are just few and others pretty skilled abandoned the community. GTA IV has more customization level but there, happened the same thing, people interested in innovation were very few. The exception is GTA San Andreas, there creative people are a lot and innovation is maintained at a high level, that happens because the game has more interests range than just thug life or war or luxury tastes.

  • its also because people mainly create car addons, few graphic mods and some map changes with map editor.

    what could the community interest:

    i dont want to say the car addons are bad, but we get too many of them and its getting boring

  • @Rarefacer Problem now is GTA5 is more difficult to mod than GTA4 an San Andreas.

    I'm a ped modder but I have seen lately to much textures modding and few scripts or nothing coming.

    Not to much rigging of beautiful 3d women, no new peds no animals :grin: :laughing:

  • @dionys19 GTA games only are difficult if we didn't mods for them before. If yes, we learned the essentials and an intuitive way to continue modding in the next GTA game.

    Peds rigging continues at same difficulty (just is important the polycount and level complexity in shape to know the difficulty), shaders knowledge is new requirement for GTAV to put proper materials look (like traditional gray specular map not works like in the big percentage of other games, in GTA V materials are layered shaders by colors stored in specular maps), but can be learned researching vanilla peds values and textures patterns, same happens with ymt ped metadata. Vertex colors and LODs knowledge is essential for any model in any game, but LODs can be ignored as you want.

    Vehicles rigging is more easy than GTA IV, not requires too much submeshes, values and components in hierarchy, the game engine can recognize vehicle properties and fill empty values automatically. Materials keeps traditional required skills and just flags knowledge can be a issue but researching in vanilla files can be acquired, same way for vertex colors for burn FX and deformable zones. Metadata edit can be tangled up for those who do not have patience or not understand well the vehicle's behavior in game, but can be learned taking note and doing tests without major difficulty. The tool knowledge is essential and Zmodeler keeps its confusing UI, but nothing impossible to learn about how to use it looking tutorials.

    Map modding in GTA V can be more complex than before, with features like the layered materials used by vertex colors painting, there is required shaders knowledge or patience doing tests to get results and apply own settings. Just the tools not are plenty optimized and with all game map features working like in GTA IV or San Andreas, but actually are near to reach that goal.

    Props and weapons continues in same difficulty, just the new material shaders can be difficult but can be learned researching vanilla models.

    GTA San Andreas is a simple game engine, wihout major complexity in shaders and file settings and could be favorite for it by modding community.


    i'm gonna agree with you on this. there's been so many great mods abandoned like grand theft space, vice v etc.

  • People became greedy and want more money for modding :D

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