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[MAP CONVERSION] The Getaway - Is this possible? Willing to pay

  • Was wondering if someone could convert the map of London from The Getaway or Getaway Black Monday to GTA V, with working traffic paths and peds?

    The game is on PS2 so not sure how or if it could be done but I know some talented modders have converted maps from similar games in the past.

    I am also willing to pay someone if they achieve an end result and I'm sure many of the British community would be willing to support such a project.


  • @TheHC09 If I remember correctly The Getaway was also ported to the PC so it's probably possible if the game's map files are easy to handle, but don't take my word for it.

    Another thing - I've not been here on the site for sometime but Codewalker's 3D GTA5 map viewer/editor doesn't support peds. Last I remembered it only supported traffic, which should do justice for what is needed, but it'll still look a little funny with the peds.

    However I've seen people port shit from systems like the GameCube or the PlayStation with the right tools so maybe you're not required to have a PC version unless you're dealing with a company that knows someone's going to be curious about what's on the disc. Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 on PS2 (the better version, PC is ass) is a great example.

  • @krashadam Interesting, thanks for the reply. Perhaps we need to contact the right sorts of people that can do this stuff as I haven't a clue. Peds shouldn't be a problem because they can be spawned using MapEditor/Menyoo. It seems we have the requirements for this to happen but haven't found the person/people who can do it.

  • @krashadam I apologize for bringing this topic up again but this is the only topic I have found related to what I’m looking for. Do you know of any tool that can be used to convert the tracks from Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2? Or do you know of anyone who has already converted it?

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