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Vehicle and Helicopter FX Scripts?

  • I don't remember exactly what the scripts were called, or who they were by - but there were two separate scripts that added extra particle effects to vehicles. Like one script was for helicopters and adding dust kickup effects, with different colored dust depending on the surface, even particles for water I think. Then there was a similar script by the same author, but for vehicles.

    I'm pretty sure I was following these two scripts, but it seems to have been removed from the site. Does anyone have any idea why, and where to get them?

  • @cp1dell The author requested his account to be deleted along with his mods. He has them hosted on his own site but it seems that it is offline as of this writing.

  • @stillhere He does not have them hosted on his website anymore. He recently took them down and replaced them with webpages for rants and shaming.

    You can use this mod by Eddlm for (some of?) the ground vehicle effects.

  • @Jitnaught @stillhere
    Damn. Well thanks guys. Sucks because they seemed like good scripts, never got to try them though. Any idea what happened?

    EDIT: Just used the way back machine to see his site. Damn he was the guy that made the Onfoot Cinematic Cam script. Damn shame they were taken down.

  • @cp1dell He didn't like the way GTA5-Mods was going when the layout was being changed (although there's probably more he didn't like) so he asked for his account to be deleted. He moved his mods to his site but then a few months ago he removed them and replaced them with pages complaining about the GTA V modding community. Later he made a shaming page to shame users on GTA5-Mods (mostly moderators).
    About maybe a week ago he removed the shaming page, and now since at least a day or two ago he's removed his gtavmodding page entirely (shows a 404 error). No idea why.

  • @Jitnaught
    Well I found the scripts on some other site uploaded by a third-party. In case anybody else comes looking for them like myself, here are the links:

    Helicopter Effects 1.34
    Random Dirty Cars 1.11
    Ground Vehicle Effects 1.2.3

  • @Jitnaught Yeah it's a real shame he decided to quit modding and being a big part of this site. Whilst he was here he was a valuable asset cause he sure knew his stuff and was really helpful. I can only assume that life and the way things were going with the site and some of it's users caused him to hang up his gloves and quit. As i say, it's a shame cause he seemed like a nice enough guy (altho that was my experience with him, judging by some of the shaming comments on his site other's may have found him different) and made some awesome mods while he was here.

  • @krissboo I experienced Lee as a great guy. We had fruitful discussions about programming. The way I remember it he got pi**ed because of some users with very bad attitudes. I guess you know who I'm talking about. The very same people almost made me leave as well.

  • @Cyron43 Yeah i remember when things were going a bit sour in here, altho in fairness the internet is always gonna be full of idiots and people who get off on making other's feel miserable, and i think the only way to deal with it is to try and rise above it and realise that these people vanish after a while (They might need some help from @Global-Moderators ;))
    Unfortunately this site has a few idiots making multiple accounts, being racist, or jus downright needy and rude, but thankfully there are plenty of decent and friendly people in here to make up for it. Anyways at least the scripts are still floating about for now.

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