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Drug Dealer/Corner Boy

  • Sure there's the other drug dealing mod which is good, but it's been forgotten and there's too much running around for me, I was hoping for the classic on the block all night hand to hand deals

    • Dealing spots around the city (alleys, gang neighborhoods, school area)
    • Peds come to you (gang members, bums/drug addicts, skaters/teens undercover cops (sometimes) )
    • Color indicators over the peds to determine what drug they want
    • Meters for police + rival gang if your in a neighborhood
    • Rep system (lets you unlock dealing spots, new drugs, recruit gang members to sell + back you up)
    • Fist fights, Drive by's, shootouts, police busts + DEA stings (if indoors)
    • Harvesting, growing, weighing, bagging (all options that you can choose to do to for a highly reduced price instead of buying from supplier)
    • Work your way up to use the the warehouses from online, get plane + boat + vehicle drop offs from cartels, asian mobs, bikers. Could possibly go sour.)

    I know it got a little ambitious lol, but if the core part of selling crack on the corner got made, i'd be pretty happy about it.

  • Actually interrested with the mod's idea, if someone also is, all help is appreciated !
    Although i'm not sure about the harvesting part, it would be a nice thing but complicated to do, if someone else is interrested, we could work as a team on it !

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