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quick question about ASI files

  • hi i have a question about the sourcecodes for the ASI files
    my question is i need a informations about the sourcecodes
    I do not know anything about the sourcecodes can you tell me exactly what it is

  • @Aysarous-Gaming Usually the works of modders is copyright protected. So if you like to dig into the code you should ask the author for permission.


    Not exactly sure what you're asking. Source code is what tells the compiler what to instruct the computer to do.

  • @Cyron43 @Jitnaught
    my question is now i have sourcecode for TANK.ASI made by the user Plastic Tangerine now if i take the permission from Plastic Tangerine and i edit the sourcecodeTANK and i add the new tank model this will spawn?


    @Aysarous-Gaming If you already have the source code and are only editing the source code for personal use then go for it. If you plan to upload it to GTA5-Mods then you would need to either ask the author or follow the guidelines of the license of the source code (if he has one).

  • @Jitnaught i have the source code but i do not think about upload it to GTA5-Mods
    in the source code thare line of the model spawning the original is " rhino tank "
    If i change it to " khanjali tank "
    now the khanjali will spawn instead of rhino tank؟


    I suppose you mean this?

    You need the ScriptHookV SDK to compile it.

    If you change the line

    DWORD tank = GAMEPLAY::GET_HASH_KEY("rhino"); to DWORD tank = GAMEPLAY::GET_HASH_KEY("khanjali"); it should work.

  • @ikt ok tnx for your help

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