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quick question about ASI files

  • hi i have a question about the sourcecodes for the ASI files
    my question is i need a informations about the sourcecodes
    I do not know anything about the sourcecodes can you tell me exactly what it is

  • @Aysarous-Gaming Usually the works of modders is copyright protected. So if you like to dig into the code you should ask the author for permission.

  • Not exactly sure what you're asking. Source code is what tells the compiler what to instruct the computer to do.

  • @Cyron43 @Jitnaught
    my question is now i have sourcecode for TANK.ASI made by the user Plastic Tangerine now if i take the permission from Plastic Tangerine and i edit the sourcecodeTANK and i add the new tank model this will spawn?

  • @Aysarous-Gaming If you already have the source code and are only editing the source code for personal use then go for it. If you plan to upload it to GTA5-Mods then you would need to either ask the author or follow the guidelines of the license of the source code (if he has one).

  • @Jitnaught i have the source code but i do not think about upload it to GTA5-Mods
    in the source code thare line of the model spawning the original is " rhino tank "
    If i change it to " khanjali tank "
    now the khanjali will spawn instead of rhino tank؟


    I suppose you mean this?

    You need the ScriptHookV SDK to compile it.

    If you change the line

    DWORD tank = GAMEPLAY::GET_HASH_KEY("rhino"); to DWORD tank = GAMEPLAY::GET_HASH_KEY("khanjali"); it should work.

  • @ikt ok tnx for your help

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