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Revert to old patch

  • if anyone wants to revert to the old patch so they can still use mods, here:


  • Yeah, after the BS C&D against OpenIV, I've taken to making a ton of backups each time a DLC comes out. Running the Doomsday backup right now since I can't get anything working without a patched SHV. (tried doing some injection testing to spawn the new cars without SHV, as well as trying to force them into the older DLC to make them run. I've seen @GTAWiseGuy do it in his latest vid about the new Jester3/Supra as his is working, but I've no idea how the fark he did it.
    ref: GTA 5 UNRELEASED SUPRA! Dinka Jester Classic Customization and Gameplay


  • @Anonymoused281 is that one of the cars in the new dlc?

  • @Reacon Yes, and at the end, he shows all of the new cars which appear to be in 100% working order. That is why I'm frazzled trying to figure out how he managed that, as I've not been able to replicate it.

  • @Anonymoused281 im about to try it, wish me luck

  • @Anonymoused281 https://imgur.com/a/CkGku got it after breaking my game

  • @Anonymoused281 just a case of taking the dlc and putting it into the dlcpacks of your backup

  • @Reacon Tried that, but for some unknown reason any time I add the new dlc (and with/without patchday18) into my dlclistxml, the game crashes when loading story mode. @meimeiriver had given instructions and said they'd be looking into it on theirs. How to get the new cars? - GTA5mods . Even went as far as using the x64 dlc folder from the update just to ensure i've got all the assets. Also tried the new update's dlclist.xml as well with the same result. If I took the new dlc and patchday out of it, it works again.

  • @Reacon said in Revert to old patch:

    @Anonymoused281 just a case of taking the dlc and putting it into the dlcpacks of your backup


    I see the tone in this discussions is getting grimmer now, as frustrations are rising now that some ppl can't get it to work. I think we -- I, for one, at least -- have now sufficiently explained the process. And I'm beginning to feel now what all those modders experience, on their mod pages, when ppl are yelling "My game crashed!!! It's your fault!!"

    Tl;dr: there's no point in explaining twice, what can easily be resolved by reading twice.

  • @Anonymoused281 how many dlc folders do ou have in dlcpacks?

  • @Reacon 42 (new update dlc and patchday added to that) Mod folder has 41 (with two halloween folders. one just has a weapons meta, so it's more than likely from a mod. Ignoring that, it puts the previoud one at 40, which makes sense compared to the vanilla update dlc folder at 42.

  • @Anonymoused281 idk why it’s not working then bro sorry

  • @Reacon No worries.πŸ‘πŸ‘

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