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GTA 5 textures pop-in, wierd...

  • So I have a problem with my GTA every time I turn around in the game the textures are loading new or they pop-in, really wierd, my gta is quite heavily modded.
    Can somebody give me an advise how to fix this problem?
    I really appreciate any answer.

  • @xRedLikeSnow What are your PC specs?

  • I would suggest a faster Hard Drive. I'm not sure what you're running but I just installed mine onto an SSHD and everything is better. It doesn't help FPS but loading times are cut in half and textures loading in late or glitching around are gone.

  • @Akila_Reigns My specs: I7-6700k (water cooled) , 2x R9 390 OC, 16Gb RAM, B150m pro gaming aura, 1TB Hard drive and a 1000w Power Supply

    @GetTheClicker I'll give it a try the next days

  • @xRedLikeSnow My Ideas:

    1. Close unnecessary programs running in the background (especially fraps)
    2. Update your GPU drivers.
    3. Turn off antivirus (It lags your hard drive)
    4. In Task Manager (ctrl+shift+esc), right click on Grand Theft Auto V (while running), click details, right click GTA again in the Details tab, and then choose set priority > high
    5. Make sure that in the Graphics tab of Setings in GTA, the video memory number on the LEFT is SMALLER than the one on the RIGHT. What is SHOULD NOT look like: alt text
    6. Turn UP the distance scaling in the Game's Settings,
    7. CHange DirectX Version to 10 or 10.1
    8. Defragment your hard drive.

  • @xRedLikeSnow If you have a SSD, copy the game into it and see if it helps.

  • I've made a clean install of GTA and that fixed the problem I will now wait for the redux mod and install mods in general careful.


    @xRedLikeSnow I had this problem last days but luckily I found the mod that was causing it and solved it, now my game works much better. Did you have installed L.A Roads mod?

  • @Reyser I had installed LA Roads, yes


    @xRedLikeSnow Then this was your problem, like mine. Just don't use it and try all you had before, you'll see that texture won't disappear. It's a shame because textures looks great, but meh, I prefer a stable GTA.

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