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Fatal error on launch

  • For some reason, whenever I launch gta 5 with mods (on steam), it just gives me a error screen that says its a unknown game version and shows all the supported versions. Now if I remove every mod, it works fine. But, whats the use of scripthook if I can't use any mods? I can see someone else is having this problem too.

    asiloader: https://pastebin.com/raw/9pHnCcBn
    scripthook: https://pastebin.com/raw/C56G4qi4
    scripthook .NET: ??? ??? ??? (don't have a log for that)

  • you have to wait until scripthookV is updated. It should hopefully be out by the end of the week. You and everyone is waiting to continue playing with mods. All we can do is be patient. I actually bought assasins creed orgins just to pass the time lol


    @dutchmastermo i just backed up my game and then added the dlc into my dlcpacks and now i have the new cars

  • @Reacon I don't quite understand. Are you running a pirated version of the game?

  • @Cyron43 pirated ? what ? he backed up the previous version, let it update, kept the new dlc, reverted to the old version with the back up, then added the "new" dlc manually. nothing new under the sun, but because you don't "understand it" ( your own words) is no reason to insinuate somebody is "pirating" something.


    @Cyron43 nope, steam version


    @8541ss lots of people don’t understand what I’m saying but I don’t know how to reword it, it’s just like adding an add on you download except taking the folder from the updated game files

  • @Reacon unfortunately, what you're doing will not work with the retail version. Steam uses a third party to update its games. Once the update has been completed, Thats it. it will NOT re update after you've replaced the game files with your backed up game files.
    I unfortunately have the retail version and i do not know of a way to bypass the social club launcher. I dont want to really try either as i might update my backup lol. i could try disconnecting my ethernet cable, but im just being patient for now.

    For all of you that have the steam version, you can still play with mods if you have a back up.


    @dutchmastermo once all my mods are updated I’m going to just verify integrity of game files with steam

  • The reason why I didn't understand it is the amount of work someone puts into this instead of just waiting a week or two for the new scripthookV if the game is legally purchased.

    1. Backup
    2. Update the game
    3. Extract the new DLC
    4. Roll back the game to the previous version
    5. Add the extracted new DLC into the mods folder
    6. Add that new DLC to the dlclist.xml
    7. Remove that modded DLC again once scripthookv is updated.
    8. Remove the entry from the dlclist.xml

    Chances are this cumbersome effort doesn't even pay out. I have read this method doesn't even work for the retail version (thanks @dutchmastermo ).

  • @Cyron43 it obviously works fine. amount of work ? lol it takes like 15-20 minutes total and works perfectly. I think the real question is, why wouldn't you ?

  • @8541ss I answered this already.

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