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Script Hook V is out of date as of now.

  • Just too let everyone know that Script hook v has not released its latest update,
    soo anyone wondering why your mods don't work this is the reason.
    If you check in on this site http://www.dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/ for the latest update, so far Alexander Blade remains quiet, no update as of yet.

    Please note guys that rage plugin hook,' https://ragepluginhook.net/ 'allows you to play' LSPDFR' if anyone is interested in that but no mods until the release of script hook v, as of now it's the waiting game. Massive thanks to all of you, this site is amazing. Stay patient guys :P .

  • Their site is not working.

  • @jamesyiy1 @womb_raider

    @krashadam said in Script Hook works - but nothing else:

    @Howard-Howden Wait for another update. Alexander works hard on finding out how to make ScriptHookV work with the newest GTA5 patch.

    Programming isn't easy, and patching is just double the stress of programming.

    This is what I said in another thread asking the same question.

    Alexander Blade only "remains quiet" because as we speak he's doing everything he can to update ScriptHookV. Also, he lives a life, a life more important than in front of a computer screen servicing a community that is easily capable of growing patience. Hell, last time I recall an update for ScriptHookV we had to wait for several days until an update came out, at this point most people moved onto other things, then when the update came around we finally got ScriptHookV back.

    tl;dr It's a matter of waiting.

  • @krashadam Hi there, Thanks, bro, I'm aware of that and completely understand. He must be a busy lad, Alexander Blade is a community Legend, for the world of modders, and for who enjoys mods, he'll need good vibes with the stress of coding and people going mad, I completely understand he has a life man but people won't be helping if they are bombarding him. You made a great point. This is the man to make it happen and I'm a huge fan, not just him but for all modders who make this site great I visit this site a lot and wanted to let people know who have asked why their mods don't work etc most people have good knowledge of it but some have no idea. I was meaning quiet meaning he has not released his code update.. take care.

    @womb_raider, their site is live on my end bro.

    If any of you guys can't roll back, you can however try and download LSPDFR and Rage plugin it can pass some boredom and works with the latest version.

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