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[SCRIPT] "Loose" aiming

  • I assume this would be a script, but I'm honestly not sure.

    So when you're playing with a controller, you can hold down RT/R2 halfway to aim your gun without slowing your movement or having the camera zoom in over your shoulder. With a keyboard and mouse, the only way to aim like this is to fire your gun, and you'll continue to aim for a few seconds before automatically lowering your weapon. I was hoping for a mod that lets you hold down a button to aim that way without having to fire.

  • Totally forgot about that game pad feature. I'll add, maybe have a key that toggles it to automatically enter and exit that aiming mode when the player is in "combat mode" - most noticeable when idle and the character becomes slightly hunched when enemies are nearby.

    Would be a nice script. Probably the closest we'd get to Max Payne 3 gunplay movement.

  • @Jaygold @cp1dell
    Gave it a try! https://pastebin.com/pXKtHmdW (click the small Download button and place the .cs file in your scripts folder).
    Please let me know if it works well, as I only had a limited time to test it.
    Currently, this is how it functions: tap the Aim key to toggle between "loose" aim, full/normal keyboard aim, and no aiming.
    You will also stop aiming if you happen to release the SHIFT key.

  • @stillhere Finally got a chance to try this out, and it works perfectly, thanks!

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