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Help me solve my list of problems

  • I'm sure some of these can't be fixed but I'll ask anyway.

      1. When driving on narrow corners, cars tend to randomly swerve into my lane as if they are trying to avoid me hitting them. Problem is, they are turning left into my lane when they should be turning right.
      1. The random police chases are annoying as they happen every 2-5 mins. I know about A.I Police Pursuits Disabler but I don't want to completely disable the chase. How can I edit randomevents.ymt to fix it? OpenIV isn't letting export it.
      1. There are some modded cars that have very bright dash light that's blinding at night. Is there any way I can edit this? Maybe editing a texture file, visualsettings or timecycle. Normally I'd avoid such cars but It happens with some AAA cars that I can't part with.
      1. I'm not sure if it's how I increase traffic density by a lot why this is happening but most traffic cars that spawn are either black or white.
      1. A lot of the times while I'm sitting in traffic, the car behind me will try to overtake me even when there is a car right in front of me and they almost always just run into me.
      1. I give all the modded car I add to the game there own id in carcol and carvariations but is the light id important as well? i can use the same id over and over without problems so I never really change what's there but I did noticed that some cars high beams are much more dim than others.

    Any help with any of these will be gladly appreciated.

  • @EvolutionXIII

    1. Rockstar implemented this on purpose to annoy the player. It's scripted behavior like the cars which enter the road from a side street right in time to crash into them.

    2. Install https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/a-i-police-pursuits-disabler

    3. I pass on this one. I'm no vehicle modder.

    4. https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/versatile-traffic

    5. Is this also during a red light?

    6. See #3

  • @Cyron43 Wait, R* did that on purpose? That's not poorly made AI driving behavior?

    As for #3, check the light settings on carvariations and compare them to a car with the light settings that you like.

  • @JustHelpMeFixMyMods Yes, it's no coincidence it always happens at the same spots. One example for NPC cars driving into you is right at the street where Franklin lives in his big house. When you drive that road to the east, you come to a place where's a wire fence at the right side, between two houses. There's always an NPC coming from the other side, driving into you. Do you realize why there's just a fence? :slight_smile:
    Of course, the knee-jerk reaction is to steer to the right in order to prevent the collision and boom, you're through the fence and downhills.

    A good example for NPC vehicles entering your road right in time for a collision is at the Fleeca bank region in Harmony, Blaine County. Drive down Route 68, with the Prison to your left, at medium speed (so you can better recognize what's happening). Shortly before you enter that small village pay close attention. You will see one car entering the road from the gas station on the left and another one leaving the parking space in front of the Fleeca bank at the same time!
    You can easily spot scripted NPC cars with sjaak327's simple trainer. Disable NPC traffic but you will still see some vehicles here and there. Those are the scripted vehicles and their only purpose is to get in your way.

  • Thx for the answers guys. I solved 2, 3(kinda) and 5.

  • @EvolutionXIII So what was that about #5? We always like to get feedback on solutions in case someone else has the same problem.

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