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My GTA crash when i'm entering a car in cover.

  • Hey guys, I'm new and i'm french for sorry if my english is not really great.
    Since I bought GTA, I have a bug that is very annoying but it look like nobody have this bug. Let me explain : when i'm in cover and I directly going into a car, the game freeze for 3 seconds and crash instantly. I do many things to trying to fix this bug, but re-installing the game, rockstar club, do the -verify, still happen. Even In vanilla with the lastest version, the bug happen. Apparently, it come from .NET Framework or something like this, but I can't repair it or something like this.

    Thanks for your help

  • hy!
    when you have crash while entering, should be the fail in handling.meta or vehicles.meta

  • @alex20121981 Hey, ok thanks for the help. Can you send me the default file ? ^^

  • What Car..? and give me your email..

    You should use "mods" folder...
    It is a very good discription on this site..!!!
    Take 20 silent minutes and read exatly about "mods" folder

  • @alex20121981 Hey, ehh... Yes, I already use the mod folder, so I don't understand why I'm crashing.

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