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Blown up cars disappear too quickly?!

  • Hey guys,
    I'm new to GTA5-mods and I was wondering if there is any mod that would make the wrecked cars not disappear so quickly.
    For example, on the highway, you go on a rampage and want to make hell break loose but when the cars start pilling, most of them disappear in a matter of seconds.
    So any ideas here? I couldn't find anything related anywhere.

  • @Rexus I think once a car gets too badly damaged, the game marks them as not needed so the resource re-allocation could give their place to new vehicles. I had an instance last night where I set three vehicles on fire, turned round to do another one and when I turned back, all three burning vehicles were gone, leaving patches of fire on the ground... they hadn't even exploded.

    You could probably write a mod that turned all vehicles persistent but the more vehicles you make persistent, the less can be spawned into the map zone. You'd have to write an expiring-persistent mod, which probably wouldn't be that hard but I suspect the negative side of less and less new vehicles might outweigh the pile of damaged ones... which is why it might not have been done yet.

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