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New to the game - What do you suggest?

  • EDIT: Can't post for 10 minutes until I have 1 rep (rep4rep someone?) so here we go:
    Thank you to all who took the time to read my post, I understand it's longer than most. Tried to keep it as concise as possible. I understand it's a large request, but I really want to get involved in this community. Looks so fuckin' fun. :sweat_smile:

    Hello everyone, Aidan here.

    New to modding GTA 5. Had installed a few vehicles in the past, but uninstalled so I could go back onto GTA Online.

    Well, I've found myself back on Story mode far more often than GTA Online again, and figured I'd really leap into modding this time around. I plan on doing much, much more than a simple vehicle or two, and hope to learn to create my own mods to post in the future.

    I am looking for suggestions. Some things I would particularly like include, but are DEFINITELY not limited to (keep in mind I'm new to this, so I don't know what I don't know. Could be many things that I would absolutely love that I don't even know exist yet).

    -Better LSPD behavior and models. RDE appears to be broken based on the comments. https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/realism-dispatch-enhanced#comments_tab

    -A vehicle pack that replaces (or adds on, to be honest) 50%+ civilian vehicles with Real Life vehicles (Lexus, Ferarri, etc).

    -A Photo-Realistic Graphics mod. I was thinking Project Realism by Your Father. https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/yourfather-s-enb-reshade

    -Perhaps better physics? I hate how grippy the cars in GTA are, and the fact that if you countersteer during a drift you instantly straighten out, rather than hold the drift. I would love to be able to drift on this game, but only with vehicles that would drift in the real world. Aka, I don't like slidey cars. I essentially just want real-world physics, with a couple cars powerful enough to maintain wheelspin through a turn, at speed.

    That's all I have at the moment. Eventually I'll add things such as clothing and weapons, but those 4 things would increase the playing experience by a THOUSANDFOLD.

    Any suggestions on where to start? Need to learn how to install mods. Looked at tutorials on here, but they're not very beginner-friendly. I know nothing (yet:wink: )

  • Wow, those look like huge goals. But for the handling, you can adjust the following in any handling.meta file:

    <fTractionCurveMax value="-" />
    <fTractionCurveMin value="-" />
    <fTractionCurveLateral value="-" />
    <fTractionSpringDeltaMax value="-" />

    which should give you your desired amount of grip. Keep in mind that you'll have to do some observing of different values among different vehicles and then experimenting to find that desired grip and adjust it for each vehicle's performance.

    Also keep in mind that if a dlc.rpf has a handling file in the dlc_patch located in the update.rpf, it will obey the handling file in dlc_patch and not the one in the regular dlc.rpf. That had me wondering why my changes to certain dlc files weren't actually changing.

    I hope you enjoy this community, but keep in mind that some people who go here (especially during times of waiting for the Scripthook to update) will be short-tempered and impatient, but I hope that they don't deter you from finding enjoyment here.


    @SlumpDonaldTrump well you chose a great time to come back as currently we’re waiting on script hook V getting updated so we can use our mods again

  • @SlumpDonaldTrump

    Hey there Aidan,

    If you look for more competent police officers, you might give this mod a try:


    I checked this mod a few days ago and it greatly expands gta police mechanics. I am very satisfied. An added bonus, is that police will no longer kill you if you choose to tap a "surrender key" (E I think) though I did not check this functionality so far.

    If, like me, you hate this piece of sh... default "character" cars, you can also try out the "Character Vehicle Mod" by Team Core. Allows you to pick whatever car you want and save it. Then, spawn it back to where you actually parked and saved the game (so you can go for a multi-day hike through Senora Desert no problem!).

    Hope it helps. Shout out if you have any more questions.

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