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Beaters - Why is every Civillian Vehicle brand new?

  • Get up off your chair. Walk to the nearest window, or better yet, step outside. Look around you. Is every vehicle within sight brand new, with no scratches or dents? Unless you live in a posh neighborhood, probably not.

    Why not create a mod that produces beaters? It could be built off of existing models (perhaps?).. Simply having the vehicles spawn slightly damaged. A dent here, a dent there.. Now and then a car that looks absolutely totaled. It'd be difficult to ensure it'd be well balanced... but it would be well worth it. Could have different levels of damage have different chances of spawning based on geographical location.

    Ie: In the hood, the likelihood of seeing a damaged car may be at 75%, with the likelihood of seeing a fresh n clean supercar being 2%. (1-2 supercars riding around the whole hood at a time)

    In downtown, the likelihood of seeing a damaged car may be 20%, with the likelihood of seeing a fresh n clean supercar being 10%.

    Beach by the Amusement Park, 50%, with the likelihood of seeing a supercar being 35%. (Beaches attract every walk of life, from every region of the city).

    You get the idea. It'd be neat!

  • Perhaps there'd be a correlation with the age of the vehicle and level of damage? Older models being more likely to have damage than a new model, because it's spent more time on the streets?

    And the model type? For instance, those with a sports car tend to care for it significantly more than those with a minivan/"average" car. That being said, perhaps minivans are more likely to have damage in-game than a sports car? (Regardless of age - if it's a classic or recent model)

    There could also be

  • Would be amazing if someone could check out my post https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/18266/new-to-the-game-what-do-you-suggest

    The sooner I get involved with this, the sooner I can produce my own mods for the community rather than suggesting it to someone else.

  • Hm, the gameconfig file that comes with Vanilla Work's Extended Pack (https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/vanillaworks-extended-pack-add-on-oiv-tuning-liveries-vanillaworks-and-other-modders) helps cheaper vehicles spawn in low-income areas. At least it has done that in my experience.

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