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[Script][Released] Community Contextual Menu API

  • Hi everyone. I was about to release an "alpha" of this script this week, but thought of a cool new functionality that will delay it a bit as I program it and put it through the testing rounds.

    So, this is my

    Community Contextual Menu API

    for .NET

    What this basically does is offer script developers and EXTREMELY EASY way to add menu icons that will be shown based on what the player is pointing at, and which will run your own functions when selected. Your functions will get either the entity or the position that the player is pointing at as a parameter, and you'll be able to do whatever you want with that.

    In this video you can see a more in-depth overview of what it can do:

    The menu has two main modes:

    • The "Real-Time" menu
      Where you can select options in real-time by scrolling through the icons.

    • The "Detailed" menu
      Which works pretty much like GTA's Weapons Wheel, where time slows down and you can select your preferred menu option/icon by moving your mouse. This menu is split into sections (center, left, right, top, bottom), and as a developer you can add your icon to whichever section you feel is most appropriate.

    Additionally, you can use this API in your scripts in two ways. By using the...

    • "Community" menu
      This is a menu that will be shared by ALL modders. This means that when the user installs your mod, the menu options of your mod will be added to the options that the user has available in his "Community" menu, which he/she always brings up by using the same hotkeys.

    • Individual menu
      You can use CCMAPI's features in a way that creates your own, separate menu, which means this menu will be brought up by using a different key from the one used to access the "Community" menu.

    I hope I can get this released soon - I will probably first release it here before I go 'public', to let some of you beta(alpha?) test it and let me know how it works for you.

    Hope you like the concept!

  • Today I finished the Detailed Menu design, which I think turned out quite decent.


    Also, I've ironed out all bugs that I could find, so the release is imminent. Just need to add a couple of final touches.

  • Finally! I've finished writing the documentation and samples for developers that want to use CCMAPI in their creations, so the Community Contextual Menu API is finally RELEASED.

    Download link:

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