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ScriptHookv & ScriptHookVdotNet for GTAV Version

  • Hey, i really need a version of ScriptHookv, ScriptHookVdotNet and NativeUI that works ith the game patch

    If anyone know a site or have a link where i can find the download please help..

    Thanks :)


    ScriptHookV only exists for 1.0.335.2 onwards

  • Sooo how do i update my GTA if it's not on steam? i really cant play

  • holy shit, people are dense af.

  • @LokeSand Buy a legal copy of GTA V, create a Rockstar games social club account and your game will update automatically!
    BTW software piracy is not condoned here.


    @LokeSand the three files you're mentioning are backwards compatible

  • Do Scripthook v.1.0.1290.1 support the GTA 5 Version 1.43 (after the GTA Online: Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series update)?


    @LokeSand GTA5-Mods does not support piracy or cracked games... when I see these older versions like this it's pretty transparent that you're running a cracked or pirated game... Is no reason for you to be on such an old version of the game... Don't BS me. Buy a legal copy of the game...

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