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Script Hook V - How long does it take to update?

  • After reading other threads it's pretty obvious Script Hook needs an update to run the Zombies Mod I d/l'd.

    Since I literally only found out about these mods a couple days ago... I was wondering how long does it take, generally, for the modder to roll out an update after each patch? How long ago was the last one, Dec 17, 2017?

    I'm sure he is busy so this is just a question as to, on average, how fast he generally gets them out. Thanks! :)

  • It Usually takes up to 7 days to update but it could also take a couple days more than that but since the new gta 5 update has been out for a while i would think it would be out in the next 1-2 days hopefully

  • @Reignswolf If you know from other threads that scripthookV needs to be updated, you also know the answer about the time it takes. Currently the forum gets flooded each day with always the same questions and moderators and members are giving the same answers over and over. This thread here is just another case for a lock!

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