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Help with Aston Martin DB4 MkII

  • Hi. I'm new to modding and do not yet know what is and isn't possible with car mods.

    When I was a young lad my father had an Aston Martin DB4 MkII and on console I've always kept a JB700 in his colours as a tribute to his car.

    When the Casco came out I realised that the front end of that with the rear end of the JB700 would pretty much make up a DB4 but it was only possible with photoshop.

    I see that there are a couple of Aston Martin DB5's here available to download, which is great but I want to know if it's possible to alter the lights (and front wings) on this model to create a DB4? The only physical differences between the two are the lights and badges.

    Though I don't yet know how, if this is possible I'm willing to take it on myself if I can be pointed in the direction of 'HOW?'

    Of course if someone out there thinks "oh yeah, piece of cake", then I'd be more than happy to see it done.

    AM DB4 MkII

    JB700/Casco/DB4 photoshop mix

    Looking again at the real DB4 I now think that the Mamba wings and lights might suit better?

    So to recap / sum up : I'm looking for a DB5 model with the front lights changed to look DB4, or the knowhow to do it for myself (having never done more than liveries). I have worked with 3D stuff in After Effects but I know it's way different.

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