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How do I join the gta5 mods team and be a part of you guys?

  • Well I really want to be part of you guys, I want to help people find cars, planes etc etc. I do this often and people always end up happy and thankful. It also could be for example “were do I find this line in the vehicle.meta” or “how do I make a add on car to a replace car?” or “I need help, how do I make all emergency vehicles from red/blue lights to all blue lights” or “how do I change the coronas of the emergency vehicle”.

    Would be very thankful if I could join and help!

    Best regards,


  • If you're talking about the GTA5-Mods moderation team, we don't really accept requests to join and instead invite veteran users who are helpful and nice when we need more.

    If you're talking about the whole of GTA5-Mods, all you have to do is make an account and you're set :)

  • @LeXin11 None of what you asked to be a part of requires to be a moderator. You just need to know and understand what the person's talking about to be able to help them.

    You're already part of this community.

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