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*Help ! Non off my mods won't spam any more ???

  • *Help ! Non of my mods won't spam any more ???:anguished:
    I didn't do anything is started the Game today and they will not appear any more .
    I updated my DLC list's in Open V but still no results .The only thing I did yesterday was from a quad SLI setup bring the system back to a single SLI setup with Nvidea config !:confused:
    I hope someone can help me did I miss a update or anything ???:cold_sweat:

    Regards Kenneth John

  • @KennethJohn I guess with "my mods won't spam any more" you mean you have several addon vehicles installed and they don't spawn anymore? Incorrect wording doesn't make it easier for us. You know scripthookV is not compatible with the new game version? We need to wait for scripthookV to be updated! Do you have the new game version installed?
    You said you updated your DLC list but still no results but the vehicles did spawn before. That's something I don't understand. If this needed to be updated there was something wrong with it before but the vehicles spawned anyway and now after the modification they don't anymore? I'm confused. How about you tell us which vehicles you added and show us your dlclist.xml. Post the content at pastebin.com and give us the link.
    And most of all please read this -> https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/13256/how-to-ask-for-help-and-support

  • Most likely ScriptHookV is outdated, same thing happened here, wait for the update of the ScriptHookV ;)

  • Thank you for all the suggestions and your support .:grinning:
    I solved it there was a doggy Mod in my DLC list .
    After I took that one out everything ,worked fine again all 34 mods I also though maybe there is a limed to how many mods the game can handle .
    Again thank you very much for helping .:blush:
    There is still A miner issue some mods load not properly they lack a kind of resolution, lets say wheels steering wheels aren't round ,hood ornaments get lost :confused:

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