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Doomsday Heist DLC weapons wont spawn in my game (offline, singleplayer, story)

  • Hello friends I updated my game and I have 1.42 (Doomsday Heist DLC) version of the game, which has all DLCs (except for Southern San Andreas DLC which has been released recently)
    when I spawn Doomsday DLC cars with trainer, they do function which means I have all the Doomsday cars, but Doomsday weapons wont spawn
    I tried latest Menyoo and TrainerV, other weapons spawn when I choose them but if I choose Doomsday DLC's weapons it doesnt function
    even if i enter Get All weapons wia trainer, all weapons show up but Doomsday DLC's weapons are missing

    ( weapons in Doomsday DLC : special carbine mk2, marksman rifle mk2, pumpshotgun mk2, bullpupshotgun mk2, sns pistol mk2, heavy revolver mk2, double action revolver )

    any help ?

    note I pla singleplayer / offline / story mode only and I want to use these weapons in this mode. not online

  • I see you are making multiple threads on this same exact topic, please stop. If you need some immediate help, the site's Discord is usually active at this time, someone may be able to help you there: https://discord.gg/HW9bD8k

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