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Downgrading Trouble.

  • So as we allll know there was an update, I normally don't complain about updates but I need help. I tried downgrading to 1290 and it gives me a social club error, "Rockstar Activation code already in use". I've tried everything to try and get this to work and even bought a new legal copy of the game and it just won't let me downgrade. I don't know if I'm just experiencing this or this is a common problem but I need help from anyone with any tips. This never happened before because I have downgraded before with no issues. Thanks for your time.

  • Just restore it to the original state. Most of the downgrades that you can download only work on cracked versions anyways. I've tried the regular and Steam downgrades. The regular one leads to the activation code, and the Steam one leads to the anti-piracy "Please make sure that each button has only one use" (which is impossible btw).

  • @JustHelpMeFixMyMods Do you know mods working on cracked versions? I tried to downgrade it but whatever I do steam keeps screwing it. I am thinking downloading a cracked one. I died while waiting for ScripthookV update. waiting for ScripthookV is like

  • @sportcar Nah, don't get a cracked one. It's better to wait for the Scripthook update than to risk pirating GTA V and getting malware or trying to install all the missing components from a pirated copy.

    EDIT: And by "only work on cracked versions" I mean "are probably made for cracked versions."

  • @JustHelpMeFixMyMods You are right. There are too many bitcoin miner malware already, I don't want to get infected with one. Also mods may not work with different .exe. Too bad we have to consider these options for a game we already bought & playing. I don't play online and all these updates are screwing me.

    I started good old GTA IV again while waiting for ScripthookV, I think I am going to beat it before AB releases ScripthookV, reached %25 already.

  • @sportcar said in Downgrading Trouble.:

    @JustHelpMeFixMyMods You are right. There are too many bitcoin miner malware already, I don't want to get infected with one.

    I could relate. I still suspect this was the reason for my previous GTA V installation to lag like hell.

  • @JustHelpMeFixMyMods So what do i do or what do i need to download? @sportcar ?


    This post is deleted!

  • Sorry I am not a computer engineer like most of you guys. Things you say easy sadly is not easy for me. I am not using cracked version, I got doomsday heist exes and update.rpf for steam version, not cracked official versions; I just put them GTA folder with launcher bypass but game refuse to start. I don't know. I wish I could understand this shit more.

  • @sportcar those are good to backup, but also make a backup of your social club installer exe file. . that way when a new DLC comes out, you can roll back everything. if you skip this one, it will give you the error.


    @Anonymoused281 i didn't need to back up social club

  • @Reacon I've always had to. if i didn't it'd give the same error as when the game updates and SHV is outdated and doesn't load.

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