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[SCRIPTS] [WEAPONS] Two silly suggestions

  • Howdy,

    On my long morning commute, I thought of two possible modifications that some of us, perhaps, could find amusing:

    • Running pace mod - that would allow to actually adjust your running speed. GTA offers only a normal running mode and a sprinting mode. Adding at least one more mode, the "jogging" speed, could be nice. I mean the speed that most of the jogging peds use while exercising.
    • Extreme weapons pack - Does it ring a bell...? I'd love to have a joke mod like this with shitty weapons, that cause all types of completely unexpected results when fired. Taking a player on a real trollercoaster ride.

      For example, pistol rounds randomly bouncing of walls and vehicles before (if ever!) they hit something. Knife that looses blade after you kill someone and is rendered useless. Shotgun that jams after a reload for about a minute or so, forcing you to take cover. Rocket launcher with a nasty tendention to home back on your vehicle etc. :grin:

    Think such two mods could be possible? If yes, get cracking. :wink:

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